President Obama on Net Neutrality

Four million average citizens have spoken out in favor of Net Neutrality. Now the most powerful man in the country shares his opinion.

All the petitions I’ve signed, all the letters I’ve sent off the of FCC on this topic do make a difference, of course. But I’m hoping the POTUS’s words will make a major difference.

See the text of this statement.

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NTC Plenary: Moira Gunn and Rep Donna Edwards on Net Neutrality is an interesting account of an important conversation.

I feel kind of bad now from The Bloggess (language warning whenever The Bloggess is involved) is funny but a perfect reflection of the kind of crazy PR email bloggers receive all the time. Jenny’s tactics are much funnier than my tactic.

This video is worth watching. Starting about half-way through, it gets into mapping public conversation and broadcast media in ways that I think you’ll find fascinating. There are many potential implementations of data mapping like this.

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US Broadband: The FCC and Network Neutrality at Wired Pen is a masterful summary of the current state of things.

Adactio has some good advice about WAI-ARIA Landmark roles, HTML5, and CSS attribute selectors.

I asked this question on Quora after some discussion about it here on Web Teacher. So far no one has answered. Do you have an answer?

In HTML5, should aria-level be used with header and hgroup elements as a best practice?

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28 HTML5 Features, Tips, and Techniques you Must Know is an excellent list from Jeffrey Way.

Longdesc may be dropped from the HTML5 spec. Right now it’s in the “let’s argue about it” phase. WebAxe has a discussion by podcast with some folks who examine the issue. The Fate of Longdesc in HTML5.

What’s the fate of the “longdesc” attribute in HTML5? Can or should the “aria-labelledby” ARIA attribute replace it? These are some of the controversial issues discussed by Dennis and guests John Foliot (@johnfoliot), Everett Zufelt (@ezufelt), and Joe Dolson (@joedolson).

Gender Differences in Web Usability. I was fine with this report, until I got to the part about the woman wanting a pink tab.

ReadWriteWeb has a good infographic about net neutrality.

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11 Ways to Create a Mobile Friendly WordPress Site lists plugins and apps that can help with your WordPress site. I need to check out some of these myself. I’m thinking I like either MoFuse or Mobify. Do any of you have an opinion about using either of these plug-ins? I’d appreciate any input.

US Court Rules Against FCC and Net Neutrality. Boo Hiss.

Wired Pen is my recommended blog of the day. Thoughtful, intelligent writing on a variety of topics around tech and media.

Women in Science is a Flickr set from the Smithsonian. Why doesn’t somebody start a modern-day set of Women in Science on Flickr? Why don’t you? I promise I’ll start a public Flickr set for women in tech as soon as I can . . . I’m swamped right now but maybe by next week. Be watching. ADDENDUM: Well, I just did it, time or no time. You’ll find the new group on Flickr. Join in and share your photos of women in technology.

FCC plans rules to enforce net neutrality

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced today that  the FCC will create new rules to prevent carriers from blocking, slowing or favoring particular types of content.

The FCC has used four policy princples since 2005 (download PDF) to make decisions around Net Neutrality. Now two more rules are proposed. The new rules take the positions that broadband operators (both wireless and landline) cannot discriminate against Web content and that operators must make network management transparent.

The new rules are not in effect yet. They will be presented to the FCC in an October meeting. I’m sure we’ll see the opposition to Net Neutrality (Comcast, AT&T and other broadband carriers) step up efforts to prevent this from happening. In the meantime, you can keep up with the folks who advocate net neutrality at Save the Internet.

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Twitter Postings: Iterative Design from Nielsen’s alertbox takes aim at usability in tweets.

Obama’s FCC to support Net Neutrality at The Hill. So far it’s just a promise, not a behavior.

Your copyright questions answered is a handy summary of copyright basics. Written by a copyright lawyer and published at Book by Its Cover.

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