Useful Links: 28 HTML5 Features, Longdesc, Gender & Usability, Net Neutrality

28 HTML5 Features, Tips, and Techniques you Must Know is an excellent list from Jeffrey Way.

Longdesc may be dropped from the HTML5 spec. Right now it’s in the “let’s argue about it” phase. WebAxe has a discussion by podcast with some folks who examine the issue. The Fate of Longdesc in HTML5.

What’s the fate of the “longdesc” attribute in HTML5? Can or should the “aria-labelledby” ARIA attribute replace it? These are some of the controversial issues discussed by Dennis and guests John Foliot (@johnfoliot), Everett Zufelt (@ezufelt), and Joe Dolson (@joedolson).

Gender Differences in Web Usability. I was fine with this report, until I got to the part about the woman wanting a pink tab.

ReadWriteWeb has a good infographic about net neutrality.

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