Can you help?

Yesterday I made the terrible mistake of agreeing with YouTube’s incessant desire to link my YouTube account to my Google account. The result was that all my gmail, all the RSS feeds in my Reader, became inaccessible. Several attempts to reset the password or recover access to the accounts failed. I have several emails from Google saying that they can’t confirm that I really exist as an account. Apparently, in order to prove your account existed to Google you have to be able to remember when you opened every Google account you have, who sent you the invitation to use Gmail, what year you opened your Blogger blog and a whole lot of other crap. The fact that I know the password and username for my account doesn’t seem to matter. A big #suckit, Google.

The mail isn’t a big deal. I only used my gmail address as a forwarding station on the route between one spot and another. I changed my forwarding and lost one day’s mail. If that had been my main email account I would be absolutely hysterical right now.

But the RSS feeds are a problem. I created a new Reader account and started trying to resubscribe to tech blogs. I need to recreate several years worth of finding tech blogs and subscribing to them. Literally hundreds of them.

Here’s where I’d like your help. I can’t remember all those tech blogs. Send suggestions. Leaving me URLs in the comments will send you to the spam queue, but blog names are fine. Just the name, no URL. Please, leave me some good tech blog names in the comments. Thanks.

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  1. Virginia – Here are some straight from my Reader feed:

    – 24 Ways
    – 456 Berea Street
    – A List Apart
    – Adactio
    – Ajaxian
    – MIX Online
    – Authentic Boredom
    – Campaign Monitor blog
    – Core 77 (not necessarily tech, but lots of good design)
    – CSS-Tricks
    – Opera dev
    – For a Beautiful Web
    – HTML5 Doctor
    – Jason Santa Maria
    – Jeff Croft
    – jQuery for Designers
    – MaxDesign
    – Pleasure and Pain (Whitney Hess)
    – Scenario Girl
    – San Bei Ji
    – ScriptJunkie
    – Typekit
    – Veerle
    – Viget Inspire
    – Wait till I come!
    – Vitamin
    – WebAIM

    And, of course, my blog 😉

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