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These books are valuable teaching and learning resources. I personally read and evaluated every book on this list. I only recommend books here that I find outstanding. I provided links to or other sources if you are interested in owning the books. The links to Amazon are affiliate links, links to other sites are not.


Website Building

Mobile Web





Standards and Accessibility


JavaScript, PHP, programming



Social Media

2 thoughts on “Recommended Books”

  1. I am currently using Dreamweaver CS6 to teach Web Design Essentials. We have finished the book for Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Do you recommend a book that I can use to teach Web Design Applications? It is a class that follows Web Design Essentials. Thanks.

  2. JBennett,
    The only book on that topic I’ve recommended so far is Head First Mobile Web (Brain-Friendly Guides). I learned a tremendous amount from this book, but I knew absolutely nothing to start with. Here’s my review:

    If I were shopping for a book to use in a class, I would look at the Head First book. I don’t see a Visual Quickstart Guide on this topic. (I tend to find the VQS books really excellent as text books.) There’s an O’Reilly book about building apps, but I haven’t seen it.

    The Dreamweaver interface for building apps is not completely transparent or intuitive. There are some good videos at about using the jQuery mobile tools (from the Insert panel) and the grid system design tools that may be helpful in figuring out how to make Dreamweaver help you with apps. Adobe integrates with Phone Gap to build apps, so look for info on that as well.

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