Useful links: Flexbox, Top 20 Talks, Accessibility, Data Vis

Absolute must reading defines this excellent explanation of flexbox. Dive into Flexbox is from Greg Smith at bocoup. I think you’re going to read this more than once or at least refer to it often.

The Top 20 Conference Talks of 2012. This is at .net magazine. Twenty talks – only one by a woman. I think this reflects the fact that they mostly asked men to name great talks.

Learning about Section 508 for the first time? Demystifying Accessibility describes a first encounter with it and lessons learned.

data visualization is editorial is an interesting post about converting data to visual displays. Be sure to click through to the d3.js site for info on how you can get started with this.

Useful links: Net Neutrality, PR pitches, data mapping

NTC Plenary: Moira Gunn and Rep Donna Edwards on Net Neutrality is an interesting account of an important conversation.

I feel kind of bad now from The Bloggess (language warning whenever The Bloggess is involved) is funny but a perfect reflection of the kind of crazy PR email bloggers receive all the time. Jenny’s tactics are much funnier than my tactic.

This video is worth watching. Starting about half-way through, it gets into mapping public conversation and broadcast media in ways that I think you’ll find fascinating. There are many potential implementations of data mapping like this.

Useful Links: HTML5 + RDFa, data visualization

HTML5 + RDFa = time to get rid of that 20th Century furniture is an interesting high level look at web interactions and a lot of specific hits on HTML5, RDFa, Drupal and SPARQL. Plus, just looking at this blog makes me feel good. Love the primary colors. It cheers me up almost as much as seeing a Miró.

The beauty of data visualization is David McCandless at a TED Talk. (Hat tip to DigitalDiva for pointing to it.) It’s worth your time to watch.