Useful Links: Handy, Google+, Captioning, usability tests, CSS3 Please

One Page Apps I Actually Use from CSS Tricks has several very helpful links for designers. You may want to keep them handy.

I haven’t received an invite to Google+ yet, but I’m looking at other people’s reports on it. It’s so similar to Facebook, even though people are comparing it with Google WAVE. If you move your life to Google+, are you quitting Facebook? More importantly, are people like me – who’s job partly entails promoting stuff by social media – now going to have to add Google+ to the mix? Like Facebook, is Google+ going to be one of those things you can’t avoid just because everyone else is using it?

How to Start Adding Captions/Subtitles to Online Video. Just one article from a captioning site by Bill Creswell that is full of captioning help.

Very interesting run through some usability tests on by IntuitionHQ. makes a pretty decent score at the end of it all.

CSS3 Please is a really nice tool to generate cross-browser CSS3 rules to copy into your own stylesheets.

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