Technology in Education at ISTE 2011

Education and Technology folks are gathered in Phildelphia this week for the 2011 conference of the ISTE. The conference is still in progress. Early blog posts about it have been very enthusiastic. ISTE is about advancing education through innovative use of technology.

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Can you say “excited?” EduTechGeek is excited.

All I can say so far is – DANG! ISTE 2011 in Philadelphia is just packed with great energy, ideas and educators from all over the world. I’ve attended a couple of sessions on Project Based Learning and TPCK and it’s just 9AM on Monday.

Vicky Sedgewick at Teaching Technology was unable to attend, yet managed to keep an eye on the conference and put together a great summary of events based on Twitter, Plurk, the ISTE blog and live streamed video. She has some interesting video on her blog already and is a fountain of resources for keeping up from afar.

Lots of activity on the twitter stream today with the kickoff to ISTE 2011. I started my day by watching the ISTE Music Video below and checking out some of the resources posted on Live Binders by Nedra Isenberg and by Bonnie Feather.

Advocacy & Consulting for Education was excited about assistive technology.

It’s also exciting because so many schools are moving more toward figuring out how to incorporate technology into their classrooms every day, not to mention the use that technology has in terms of assistive devices. Many people may associate “assistive device” with a voice output device, but IDEA actually defines it much more broadly. The definitions section says that “the term ‘assistive technology device’ means any item, equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized, that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of a child with a disability.”

Audrey Watters from ReadWriteWeb is there. She wrote How Consumer Technology & User-Generated Content are Changing Ed-Tech. She highlights some new apps and startups that are focused on technology for education.

The Kids and Technology blog provides a link to a beginning programming language app called Alice found at the conference.

More reports:

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Were you there? What was the most exciting education technology discovery you made? (Did you write about it? Leave a link, if you did.) If you have ideas about where education is heading in our technological world, please share them.

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