Interactive Map of Global Warming Effects

The Union of Concerned Scientists published the results of much research and data collection in an interactive map. Clicking on the various hot spots around the world map leads you to several things. You see local results of climate change, a link to an action item and a link to a solution item.

climate change map popup
Interactive Climate Change Map with popup

In this example, the ACTION button leads to a suggestion to write a letter to a coal fired electric generating plant in the area asking that they capture CO2 emissions from their smokestack. The REGIONAL SOLUTION button has general information and links about things like:

  • elevating energy efficiency
  • promoting renewable energy
  • reducing coal emissions
  • greening transportation
  • providing assistance to developing countries to reduce deforestation and switch to clean energy technologies

I know you are seeing the effects of climate change where you live. Too much rain or not enough. Changes in plants, new animals in the area or disappearing animals in the area, extreme weather events like tornadoes and hurricanes, too hot, too cold, TOO SOMETHING. The items on the list above are not just regional. They are solutions needed everywhere – now.

Want to do something patriotic for the 4th of July? Take a couple of the ACTION steps from this interactive map.

The map page, by the way, is in HTML5.

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  1. Obama science adviser John Holdren proposed blasting sulphate particles into the atmosphere to
    block the rays of the sun. This can impact both worldwide and
    local patterns of climate and atmosphere-ocean circulation.
    See how much of this change is attributed to greenhouse
    gases, albedo (i.

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