Useful Links: Document Outlines, Google+ Gender, #Dell Listens

Great explanation of Document Outlines at HTML5 Doctor. Perfect resource link if you’re teaching an HTML5 class.

Google is listening to the feedback on Google+.

Google isn’t the only company listening to what users want. Sarah Kimmel is on her way to Austin to talk with Dell. If there’s something you want Dell to know, get word to Sarah.

Useful links: Designing for Content, ARIA support, Google+

Don’t think I’ve linked to Web Standards Sherpa before – how remiss of me. But here’s a good post to remedy that oversight. Designing for Content: Creating a Message Hierarchy.

HTML5 Accessibility Chops: ARIA landmark support from the Paciello Group Blog show test results for landmark roles.

Are You Going To Adopt Google+ for Professional Learning/Networking? Why or Why Not? Beth is one of many reflecting on Google+, as I did here the other day, and on Twitter.

I’m edging close to 500 posts on BlogHer, and none have had traffic like Which means Google+ will rule the world.Sun Jul 10 18:42:39 via Seesmic twhirl

Useful Links: Handy, Google+, Captioning, usability tests, CSS3 Please

One Page Apps I Actually Use from CSS Tricks has several very helpful links for designers. You may want to keep them handy.

I haven’t received an invite to Google+ yet, but I’m looking at other people’s reports on it. It’s so similar to Facebook, even though people are comparing it with Google WAVE. If you move your life to Google+, are you quitting Facebook? More importantly, are people like me – who’s job partly entails promoting stuff by social media – now going to have to add Google+ to the mix? Like Facebook, is Google+ going to be one of those things you can’t avoid just because everyone else is using it?

How to Start Adding Captions/Subtitles to Online Video. Just one article from a captioning site by Bill Creswell that is full of captioning help.

Very interesting run through some usability tests on by IntuitionHQ. makes a pretty decent score at the end of it all.

CSS3 Please is a really nice tool to generate cross-browser CSS3 rules to copy into your own stylesheets.