Useful links: HTML5 Document Outline, Ugly Code?, RWD

Did you see the post where Steve Faulkner called the HTML5 Document Outline a dangerous fiction? Go read it, especially if you’ve been teaching it.

Ugly Code for Hidden Pictures or playing with canvas, as I like to call it, has some interesting ideas for coding with canvas.

10 Things You Need to Know About Responsive Web Design is an Adobe Dev article. It’s an excellent overview of the topic.

Useful links: canvas and gradient pizzazz

Standardista (Estelle Weyl) deserves a useful links post devoted only to her blog.

First there’s a wonderful beginning tutorial on the canvas element: HTML5: Introduction to <canvas>. As a bonus, she explains the difference between canvas and SVG in a clear and succinct paragraph at the end.

In a page of example gradients called Striped Gradients, she shows some really amazing things that can be done with pure CSS 3, no images. Best of all, the styles are all in the <head> so you can take a look at how she did these eye-popping things.

Useful Links: CaptionTube, Standards in Ed, Canvas element demos

Links to CaptionTube, an interview with educators advocating web standards, canvas element demos.

CaptionTube is the latest from YouTube. This is accessibility technology right in the browser using a time line-based system that looks and feels like a video editor. It is capable of numerous languages.

Web Standards in Education is an interview with Christopher Murphy and Nicklas Persson from the University of Ulster at Belfast.

Canvas Demos. Demos, tools and tutorials for the HTML canvas element. Go. Subscribe to the feed. Great stuff!