Summary of eHow articles for April

Spring Flowers

It’s spring. It’s beautiful. It’s renewal, life-affirming renewal. Get outside and take a walk.

Here’s a list of what I published on eHow in April.

My Best Sellers

Here are some of the best sellers I’ve written . . . on eHow, that is.

Best sellers on eHow means that an article gets a lot of page views. I try to write quality articles there that give helpful information on a number of Internet and Web Development topics, but I never know what will be a big hit. Here are some of my big hits.

On Dreamweaver

On general topics


On Free Web Building Tools

On Writing

Summary of eHow Articles for March

Registration Line at SXSW Interactive

The bulbs stretched their heads above the ground, the trees bloomed, the grass took on a fresh green hue, and web geeks from around the world gathered in Austin for SXSW Interactive. Registration numbers were up by 25% at SXSWi, as the registration line pictured above suggests.

Amid all those distractions, here’s what I wrote on eHow in March.

Summary of eHow articles for February

Denver at dawn

I had an absolutely fabulous time at Web Directions North in Denver this month and got to meet and talk with some really interesting people. In this photo,  you see Denver just waking up with the sun just touching the tops of the buildings.

Then I returned to reality and wrote some stuff ‘n things for eHow.

Summary of eHow Articles for January

Yellow Tulips

One of the gifts I received for Christmas was a jar with three tulip bulbs in water. They were sprouting by January and bloomed in a few days. This is the first day they opened, eventually all three bloomed. In addition to watching the flowers grow this January, I wrote these articles at eHow.

What’s Hot?

What’s popular here and what’s popular right now at eHow? It’s the big seven! First, the big traffic pullers on Web Teacher are:

And what is drawing interest on eHow these last few days? Those articles are:

Hot on eHow

Here are some articles of mine that are attracting a lot of readers on eHow:

You can see all the articles I’ve written there at my eHow page.