Summary of eHow articles for October

Santa Fe Style

I spent some time in Santa Fe in October. My friend Patrica got married there. Woohoo! The ceremony was at the beautiful Pecos National Historical Park outside Santa Fe in the mountains. This photo of typical Santa Fe architecture is the Inn at Loretto near the state capital in Santa Fe.

On eHow, I posted these articles:

Summary of eHow articles for September


Lots of hummingbirds in my life this past month. Their whirring was like traffic noise around my house. They even made their way into my eHow articles.

Summary of eHow articles for August


The image above is a Wordle, and shows you some of the things I was talking about here lately.

Below is what I did at eHow in August.

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Summary of eHow Articles for July

Gino's Pizza

I can now say that I have eaten Gino’s Chicago style deep dish pizza. My education into American regional cuisine is complete. Thank you BlogHer09 for taking me back to Chicago and to Suzanne Reisman from CUSS and other Rants for inviting me to dinner with her family.

Over at eHow, there was a glitch in the machinery, and it was not possible to post some of the things I had written and ready to go. My list of articles at eHow is rather sparse this month, but more will come when eHow gets things working again.

Summary of eHow articles for June

Shamu Show

Summer is here. A mini-vacation for my family was a fast trip to Sea World San Antonio. My kids and grandkids and myself took in the heat, the shows, and the water. We wore ourselves out having fun.

I also got a few things written for eHow in June:

Summary of eHow articles for May

The articles I published on eHow in May are listed.

Deb's Deli

Jemez Springs is about 45 minutes from Albuquerque in the Jemez Mountains. I went to a Tai Chi Retreat there and took a bunch of photos. There are about 4 places to eat in this tiny town, all serve very good food. Deb’s Deli serves real homemade pie, ice cream, and you can get a hair cut in the shop in the hall. I ate a lot more than I soaked in the hot springs, and I did Tai Chi a lot more than either of those things.

For eHow in May, I opened a new Twitter account for @Veesites. VeesitesĀ  is my eHow username, and this Twitter account will contain only tweets about eHow content. The new account will give me an RSS feed from Twitter for my eHow content, since eHow doesn’t provide for a way for individual users to get a clean RSS feed for articles.

Twitter as an RSS source

I’m the proud owner to two new Twitter accounts. Both of them are meant to be nothing but an RSS feed. . . .

I’m the proud owner to two new Twitter accounts. Both of them are meant to be nothing but an RSS feed. One is for eHow articles and the other is for TGB Elder Geek articles. Neither site has a handy way to create a feed for just one individual’s articles, and Twitter is a great solution.

There’s a new Grazr widget in the sidebar today. It’s a feed reader widget that provides access to the feed from every site where I normally post things in the course of a week. Because of Twitter, I’m able to provide a useful URL on Grazr to create this handy RSS widget.

Thanks to Twitter for having feeds.