Summary of eHow Articles for July

Gino's Pizza

I can now say that I have eaten Gino’s Chicago style deep dish pizza. My education into American regional cuisine is complete. Thank you BlogHer09 for taking me back to Chicago and to Suzanne Reisman from CUSS and other Rants for inviting me to dinner with her family.

Over at eHow, there was a glitch in the machinery, and it was not possible to post some of the things I had written and ready to go. My list of articles at eHow is rather sparse this month, but more will come when eHow gets things working again.

One thought on “Summary of eHow Articles for July”

  1. I had Gino’s East for the first time when I was 13. It’s awesome. I’m now actually a bigger fan of Giordano’s.

    I’m enjoying your eHow articles and looking forward to looking back through the archives.

    Sidenote: Congratulations on the two books you’ve published. That’s very impressive.

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