Useful Links: HTML 5, Banner Blindness, NFB files another suit

Bruce Lawson from Opera talks about HTML 5 at OSCON in a 43 minute video. A little history of HTML 5, an explanation of the new elements, and a makeover of Bruce’s blog with HTML 5. It’s worth your time to watch.

Bruce mentions HTML 5 Demos and Examples at the end of the talk. Thought I’d provide a link in case you don’t last all the way through the video.

Web Design Tip: Avoid Banner Blindness from Wired Pen talks about the best way to get people to see your alerts.

NFB files Section 508 complaint against Small Business Administration is another in a string of suits by the National Federation for the Blind to get web developers to wake up to accessibility. It’s a shame that we have to do this one lawsuit at a time when the information on how to do it right is available everywhere and is so old it’s practically ancient.

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