Using Dreamweaver Fluid Grid Layouts (video)

This is an Adobe/ video tutorial explaining how to use fluid grid layouts in Dreamweaver 6. It blurs out during scrolling or fast movement sections for me, which is a bit distracting, but doesn’t affect the information you want to learn.

Adobe TV has a number of excellent tutorials for learning Dreamweaver 6 online, some with downloadable files to let you work along with the tutorial. This is the only one I’ve seen that has the blurring issue.

I recommend these videos for anyone who is transitioning from versions of Dreamweaver prior to 6, since the interface in DW6 is quite different from previous versions.

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Finally, the Value of Content Strategy Defined.

If you’re geeky and you know if you’ll want to play with this HTML5 webcam toy.

President Obama has ordered government websites to make themselves available on mobile devices.

Thorough examination of 5 Patterns to Rearrange Responsive Layouts.

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5 Hot Startups Using Tech for Good is a great post. These are the kinds of antidotes to money and power that I’d like to see more of.

Chris and Christopher got together and did a lot of work on the pros and cons of various techniques for using responsive images. Which responsive images solution should you use? Thanks for all the organizing and evaluating, Chris and Christopher.

He needs an upgrade
Photo by Virginia DeBolt

They’ve been excavating the Easter Island heads and have found they are attached to bodies with all sorts of informative designs inscribed on them. I need to upgrade my Easter Island head statue.

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Disability Scoop reports that the feds are looking to boost accessibility. They are working on the 508 guidelines and are asking for feedback and input. Got some to give?

Flexibility: A Foundation for Responsive Design is at Script Junkie.

Peter-Paul Koch talks about why the new iPad’s retina display is not good for the web in The iPad 3 and Moore’s Law.

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Responsive navigation looks at the pros and cons of several types of responsive design navigation options.

Introducing Nerd Love. If you are a nerd with a love story to tell, you may be interested in this new project.

Facebook Brand Pages. An interesting look at eye tracking data on how the new Facebook Brand Pages are going to change things.

Places it’s Tempting to Use display: none, but Don’t. Good article about getting things out of sight without making them inaccessible.

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There’s a tool for a simple responsive design test that works in your browser. It’s also available in a bookmarklet.

JAWS 11 and IE 9. Tests by DingoAccess.

Sony Bloggie Live. Take your video and broadcast it live via wifi. Imagine what we will see coming from tech conferences now . . .

If your fluid grid was 1000px, the math for a responsive design would be a whole lot easier. You can download the PSD file.

20 Innovative Ways High Schools are Using Twitter. Some of these ideas are very interesting.