Useful links: Flexbox, Top 20 Talks, Accessibility, Data Vis

Absolute must reading defines this excellent explanation of flexbox. Dive into Flexbox is from Greg Smith at bocoup. I think you’re going to read this more than once or at least refer to it often. The Top 20 Conference Talks of 2012. This is at .net magazine. Twenty talks – only one by a woman. … Continue reading “Useful links: Flexbox, Top 20 Talks, Accessibility, Data Vis”

Useful links: Flexbox, background-size, models of disability, smart objects, HTML5 headings

Opera Dev has a post by Chris Mills called Flexbox: fast track to layout nirvana? Take advantage of the CSS background-size property is at .net magazine. Models of disability and their relation to accessibility is a fascinating post by Martyn Cooper. The post conclusion will give you an idea of the different models of disability … Continue reading “Useful links: Flexbox, background-size, models of disability, smart objects, HTML5 headings”

Useful links: normalize css, media queries, flexbox

All CSS today. Get your styles on. normalize.css is a new, free to download, suggestion for a standardized set of CSS base line rules. Resolution in media queries is meant to  help designers deal with styling for retina displays. Chris details the changes to the Flexible Box Layout Module in Old Flexbox and New Flexbox.

Useful Links: Flexbox, Floats, Media Queries

Flexible Box Layout Model is now a working draft at the W3C. The new layout model is going to change the way we think about layout. Give Floats the Flick in CSS Layouts at Sitepoint is another kick in the pants and the way we’ve thought about layout in the past few years. Hardboiled CSS … Continue reading “Useful Links: Flexbox, Floats, Media Queries”

Smackdown: Picnik, FotoFlexer and Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is now free online. FotoFlexer is another newcomer in the online photo editing space. Picnik has been in the online image editing world for a while. They all claim to be the “easiest” and the “best.” Time to check them out, kick the tires, and see which one I think is the easiest … Continue reading “Smackdown: Picnik, FotoFlexer and Photoshop Express”

Event: Adobe Flex in New Mexico

On January 24 in Albuquerque, Kevin Hoyt from the Adobe Flex | AIR product team will be the featured speaker at a Flex 3 | AIR pre-release event sponsored by the New Mexico Adobe Users Group. A good program with great schwag. If you’re in the Southwest, come on by. It’s free, but seats are … Continue reading “Event: Adobe Flex in New Mexico”