Useful links: Flexbox, background-size, models of disability, smart objects, HTML5 headings

Opera Dev has a post by Chris Mills called Flexbox: fast track to layout nirvana?

Take advantage of the CSS background-size property is at .net magazine.

Models of disability and their relation to accessibility is a fascinating post by Martyn Cooper. The post conclusion will give you an idea of the different models of disability the article discusses:

Our models of disability are important, they shape our attitudes and impact on how effectively the needs and preferences  of disabled people are met in design. The medical model is now widely seen as outmoded and a perpetuator of  discriminatory attitudes. The social model has had widespread influence. It is important in accessibility considerations because it recognises the importance of the context of the users and supports the view of accessibility as a relationship property; in the case of web accessibility the relationship being between the diversity of users and the web resource or application. Functional models have been asserted as the most useful in design and development and the potential of these for personalisation and analytics highlighted.

Working with Smart Objects in Dreamweaver and Photoshop is by Tom Negrino.

HTML5 Ranked Headings for Screen Readers. Yep, your hierarchy on HTML5. How’s it working in screen readers?

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