Summary of eHow articles for September

Kid and jumper slide

There a business in Albuquerque called ABQ Jump that is a big building (air conditioned!) full of those huge air-filled toys kids can jump on. It’s crammed with them and the noisy fans that keep them inflated. Here’s one of the little people in my family sliding down a jumper slide.

And here’s what I did on eHow this month.

Summary of eHow articles for August

San Francisco Fountain

Have you seen this fascinating fountain in San Francisco? It’s in the park across the Embarcadero from the Ferry Building. I stopped for a look after BlogHer08 in July. Then I came home and got to work writing for eHow.

Summary of eHow articles for July

Cliff Dwelling

Went to Mesa Verde the other day. An inspiring place that remains one of my favorite national treasures.

I’ll be going walkabout for a few days and won’t post for a while. I thought I’d let you know what I’ve done at eHow this month before I go.

Summary of eHow articles for June


It’s that time of year when taking kids to the zoo or the swimming pool seems like the most important thing on my schedule. Makes it harder to keep up with blogging, but I did get some eHow articles written.

Summary of eHow articles for May

Taos, cultivated and uncultivated

I spent some time this spring in Taos, NM. There the cultivated and the uncultivated were both in full bloom. This is what kept me busy for eHow this month.

Summary of eHow Articles for April

On Naxos

Last year at this time I was getting ready to go to Greece. My favorite part of the trip was the stay on the island Naxos, where this rock formation tantalizes a few yards away from the shore near Naxos Town.

Here’s how I spent April this year, at least the eHow writing for April.

Summary of eHow articles for March

Signs of Spring

Welcome to Spring, and to that indescribable and delicious time of year known as SXSW Interactive. Here’s what I was thinking about during March at eHow.