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Atomic Web Design takes an interesting metaphorical look at how the bits and pieces (or atoms and molecules) of a web design work together.

The Big Think: Breaking the Deliverables Habit is from Robert Hoekman at Smashing Magazine and is definitely worth thinking about.

Not so long ago I wrote Shared Streaming: Good or Bad? Netflix has decided that shared streaming is happening whether they like it or not and is catering to it with Multiple User Profiles for Accounts.

Is it just me, or does it seem that now that Steve Jobs is gone the Apple fanboys (and fangirls, may I add) feel free to poke jabs and complaints at Apple for various decisions regarding new products? It’s as if they are challenging Tim Cook to earn their affections all over again regardless of the quality of the products. The tweets during the recent announcements about iOS7 were often critical and bitchy – where has the unquestioned glowing enthusiasm gone? Was it all about Steve Jobs and not about Apple technology at all?


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Navigation in Lists: To Be or Not to Be is an important post by Chris Coyier. It talks about how using an unordered list as navigation may not be the great idea we thought it was. If you, like me, use unordered lists in all your navigation, you need to read this post.

If you haven’t checked out the new blog Women and Tech you must look at it. Amazing design and functions. Why not read their latest interview while you’re there: Christina Truong.

The Chinese New Year is coming. It will soon be “my” year for great good fortune – the year of the snake. Here’s a look at how Apple thinks about the marketing opportunities in the celebration of the Chinese New Year.

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Glenda Watson Hyatt, aka the left thumb blogger, uses an iPad as a communication device. She recently went to SOBcon and has some must read comments about the difference between communication equality and communication equivalence. First read Communication Devices: An Communication Equivalent, But An Equal? and then Communication Equality in Social Interactions: What Does that Really Look Like? And, bonus info is a preview of Kel Smith’s upcoming book Digital Outcasts: Moving Technology Forward Without Leaving People Behind.

TechCrunch ran an article saying iPads will garner to most downloads for the next five years. I was in my local Apple store yesterday and the place was crowded and buzzing. That seems to be the case every time I go in there. Even when the recession was at it deepest point, the Apple Store was busy, busy, busy. But predicting for the five years ahead with so many competitive tablets coming on the market now seems a bit risky to me. However, the prediction is only about downloads, and Apple does have the apps. I posted a poll about the most important features of tablets a few days ago, and the tools and  apps available on the tablet were the top factor. (Not many voted, but of those who did, that’s what they wanted.)

Do you check out eBooks from your local library to read on your mobile device? I do. I use Overdrive for this. According to The Verge, eBook availability may increase because of a new deal with the publisher Penguin. Wish Overdrive would make a deal with Peachpit, O’Reilly and Sitepoint!

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The Future of CSS Layouts slide deck and other materials are from a presentation at the Future of Web Design

A new smartphone called Ray has been created for the blind and visually impaired. As with all progress made in the area of accessibility, this technology may have far reaching effects on all smart phone technology.

The iPad Mini announcement yesterday means we finally have the much rumored iPad Mini. What was your opinion of the pricing? I was a bit disappointed that it was so much higher than the competition in the small tablet field, but then again, competing on price has never been Apple’s thing. With Google marketing a $250 laptop and the Kindle Fire HD doing much of what an iPad does, I was hoping (in vain) for something more affordable in an iPad Mini.

Apple Product Rumors

On September 12, Apple is staging another event to announce the release of the next version of the iPhone – and possibly an iPad mini. The rumors are flying about the big reveal, but the thing I’m most stoked about is the possibility of an iPad mini. According to Apple Insider such a device would come with a 7 inch screen and be considerably thinner than the 9 inch iPad. Plus, it would be less expensive!

A new iOS release always brings with it a ton of cool new features. The way Apple’s system works is to make the new iOS available on all iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. So even if there are no new devices like the rumored iPad mini or the rumored new iPod Nano, there will be exciting changes to current iOS devices as they upgrade.

To get ready for the newest Apple gadgets, you can find advice about when to buy a new iPhone at TechCrunch. Geek Sugar provides advice on how to prep an old iPhone for sale.

iPad Mini, Please

There are so many tablet devices competing with the iPad – Kindle Fire, Nook, Surface, Nexus, and more. Like anything that isn’t Apple, all the competing devices are less expensive. I’m crossing my fingers in hopes that predictions like Mashable’s statement that, “a device around $300 would hit the sweet spot for customers,” are true. Even better, Apple Insider is talking about a price between $200 and $250.

There are mockups and concept designs (such as the one in the image above) and much discussion about how an iPad mini would look. Is it going to look like an iPad, only smaller, or like an iPod Touch, only bigger? Daring Fireball parses each detail of the potential design. I want smaller, lighter, and cheaper.

Have you tried holding a iPad up in front of your eyes at a distance comfortable for reading a book? Those suckers get heavy quickly – much like the way a 10 pound baby parked on your hip can start to feel like a ton after a few minutes. Even my iPhone, which I use to read books, starts to get tiring to hold up. I like the bigger format, but not the weight. An iPad mini would be just the right compromise. And a much more affordable price.

Other Rumors

Other rumors talk about a taller screen on the iPhone, and about the possible resolution of the new devices. The rumors about a new iPod Nano are simply that there may be one.

Which rumors are you hoping turn out to be reality? Is an iPad mini on your wish list, too?

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10 Great Ways to Make Your Content Portable and Accessible at .net magazine is terrific in many ways. It has videos showing you what it’s like to try to get content using Voice Over. It has tips for making your content work. Take it to heart.

LA Restaurant Gives Discount for Staying Off Your Phone. An example of the right incentive.

There may be an iPad mini. If there is, will it look like an iPad only smaller? Or will it look like an iPod Touch only bigger? These and other questions are parsed in detail at Daring Fireball. Apple is cool as much for how it looks as for how it works. What’s your design opinion?