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Glenda Watson Hyatt, aka the left thumb blogger, uses an iPad as a communication device. She recently went to SOBcon and has some must read comments about the difference between communication equality and communication equivalence. First read Communication Devices: An Communication Equivalent, But An Equal? and then Communication Equality in Social Interactions: What Does that Really Look Like? And, bonus info is a preview of Kel Smith’s upcoming book Digital Outcasts: Moving Technology Forward Without Leaving People Behind.

TechCrunch ran an article saying iPads will garner to most downloads for the next five years. I was in my local Apple store yesterday and the place was crowded and buzzing. That seems to be the case every time I go in there. Even when the recession was at it deepest point, the Apple Store was busy, busy, busy. But predicting for the five years ahead with so many competitive tablets coming on the market now seems a bit risky to me. However, the prediction is only about downloads, and Apple does have the apps. I posted a poll about the most important features of tablets a few days ago, and the tools and  apps available on the tablet were the top factor. (Not many voted, but of those who did, that’s what they wanted.)

Do you check out eBooks from your local library to read on your mobile device? I do. I use Overdrive for this. According to The Verge, eBook availability may increase because of a new deal with the publisher Penguin. Wish Overdrive would make a deal with Peachpit, O’Reilly and Sitepoint!

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