Useful links: Flexbox, Ads, misogyny, HTML5 shiv

Putting Flexbox into Practice: A Presentation at Blend Conference with a lot of supporting material, slides, links, and tools. From Zoe Gillinwater. Instagram will carry advertising soon. That’s what The Verge says. TechCrunch apologizes for two misogynistic presentations at their hackathon. Good for TechCrunch! Now there’s an HTML5shiv for WordPress.

Useful links: BlogHer, Flexbox, Promote Yourself

BlogHer has an new, clean makeover to brag about. Their aim is to make it easy to find your way to great content by women bloggers on the original bloggers site. An impressive goal. Does Flexbox Have a Performance Problem? CSS Tricks is trying to figure it out. You can help. 8 Tips for Promoting … Continue reading “Useful links: BlogHer, Flexbox, Promote Yourself”

How soon should flexbox replace float in the web education curriculum?

Is anyone teaching flexbox for layout as a regular part of the web design curriculum? I’m thinking probably not a lot of classes are doing it now because it isn’t supported in all browsers yet. I’m telling students about CSS layouts using floats. But I’m starting to mention flexbox to them as something they need … Continue reading “How soon should flexbox replace float in the web education curriculum?”

Useful links: CS Edu, Flexbox, Digital Learners

From The Female Perspective of Computer Science comes this video for educators: A Forty Minute Tour of CS Education With Mark Guzdial. Here’s a good flexbox tutorial from Stian Karlsen. Look at the tutorial with a compliant browser, Chrome, for example. published a study on the new digital learners of 2013, and about the … Continue reading “Useful links: CS Edu, Flexbox, Digital Learners”

Flexbox Tutorials from Web Designer Depot (Video)

I mentioned the first of these videos when it was first published at Web Designer Depot. The second one has come out now and I wanted share them both here, rather than just adding them as useful links. They are good tutorials and I think the two of them together would make a nice classroom … Continue reading “Flexbox Tutorials from Web Designer Depot (Video)”

Useful links: heading markup, CSS Zen Garden, Adobe again, flexbox

How to mark up subheadings, subtitles, alternative titles and taglines now that hgroup is officially out of the spec. CSS Zen Garden is 10 years old. Dave Shea has announced a revival. Designers take note. Here’s what Zeldman says about the changes at Adobe: Adobe Love. It certainly isn’t what I was expecting to read … Continue reading “Useful links: heading markup, CSS Zen Garden, Adobe again, flexbox”

Useful Links: ADA rules may expand, flexbox, Think Responsively

DOJ May Apply ADA Accessibility Guidelines to Websites explains what is under consideration in terms of expanding the ADA rules to apply to public websites in addition to the government websites it already requires. Chris Mills wrote a terrific tutorial about Advanced cross-browser flexbox for Dev.Opera. Deborah Edwards-Onoro used Storify to put together a summary … Continue reading “Useful Links: ADA rules may expand, flexbox, Think Responsively”