Useful links: HTML5 questions, Smashing newsletter, WP plugins, teens

A few HTML5 questions that need answering is from Christian Heilmann.

Did you know Smashing Magazine has a newsletter? I just learned about it and think it might be pretty good. You might want to check it out, too.

A nice new WordPress plugin from doodlebee, aka @brassblogs, for those of you who set up WordPress sites for others and want to leave them some hints and reminders is Back End Instructions. Here’s some of the description of how it works.

Using WordPress’ default posting capabilities, mixed in with some custom post types and meta fields (and a little sprinkle of magic fairy dust and a lot of prayers), you can easily create and manage instructions for each page of the back-end of your client’s site. Simply create a post, associate the post with a page in the back-end, add in your content, and voilĂ : a small button appears at the top of the page that expands with jQuery to show a list of “instructables” (post title links) associated with that page.

Are you watching the new series The Chicago Code? This week the leading tip on solving a crime came from a tweeting teen. danah boyd talks about tweeting teens in Tweeting Teens can Handle Public Life with her usual research-based authority.

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