SXSWi Outgrows Its Space

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SXSW Interactive is growing and growing and growing. The recently published schedule for the event reveals that all that success means the conference has outgrown even the huge Austin Convention Center.

The solution is to use 10 nearby venues such as the Hilton, The Courtyard Marriott, The Radisson, several other hotels plus the AT&T Conference Center as extra ‘campuses’ for SXSWi events. Maps to all the locations will be in the conference materials. Most are within a half-mile of the convention center. There will be three shuttle buses to help you move from one location to another.

Similar themed programming is in a specific location, which will make finding your areas of interest easier. For example, the business themed panels and events will be in the Hilton.

The schedule will be searchable by theme (that’s coming soon), which will also help you figure out where to head for the content you want.

Networking your conference

SXSW provides networking tools at SXsocial.  That will help you find and connect with the people you really want to meet while you’re in Austin. I urge you to make full use of the tools they provide.

If you’re a first timer at the conference, check out the SXSW First-Timers Guide. As a multi-year veteran of SXSW, I suggest you prioritize your goals for the conference and focus on accomplishing them. There will be many distractions. My other advice is don’t drink so much you start every day with a hangover. While you’re in Austin, be sure you eat at Chuy’s – best Tex-Mex in the world!

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