Useful links: Hyperlocal news, free websites, HTML5

Patch vs. Media News: One Little Instructive Story is about the AOL hyperlocal news service called Patch. The landscape is shifting under our feet. Pay attention.

I’ve written about a lot of “build a website, free!” sites, especially for eHow. Now there is a company in the field that has found a way to make building a website into a game, with points and rewards. It’s called DevHub. You can get a fast idea of what DevHub is doing in this article by Jason Kincaid. As an educator, I’ve never worried about places that offer free web sites–no serious web developer would be tempted by them, and no instructor would teach students to use them as a best practice. I’m wondering now if making web development into a game like Foursquare or Gowalla may be tempting enough to build some momentum. And if so, what does that mean to web education?

Two posts from Itpastorn about browser “support” and new technology. No browser supports HTML 5 yet. Part 1. The rant. and No browser supports HTML 5 yet. Part 2. Technology. Are demo sites and experiments the same as browser implementation?

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