Looking to hire?

Etsy is hiring. Like any web-based company, they are advertising the job openings on the Internet.

Maybe you aren’t familiar with Etsy. You need to know that it is a marketplace for handmade and vintage items–a community of creative people. That’s important to keep in mind. Etsy is advertising for coders and programmers and database gurus who fit in with the company mindset. A creative, handmade, vintage mindset. A code as craft mindset. Here’s the ad that announced they were hiring.

I could watch that video 20 times, I find it is so hilarious. All the sacred cows of web standards, and programming best practices—really, anything Internet related—turned on its head in a creative twist that is just plain funny.

It’s a brilliant bit of job posting because it tells you about the company and the kind of people you’d be working with. It links to this staid listing of all the jobs available at Etsy.

Which one would tempt you to apply? The perfect-for-you job title, say “Interaction/User Interface Designer,” or the video?

A lot of companies need Interaction/User Interface Designers and workers like that these days. And a job is a job, right? Etsy found a way to make their jobs look like more fun than any other job. Brilliant, I say again.

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