Must attend: Web Directions USA

I’ve mentioned Web Directions USA before, but I want to devote an entire post to urging everyone involved in web education to make an effort to get there this year. It’s happening in Atlanta, September 21–25 and events are shaping up to make it a great experience for educators.

There is more involved that what you see on the program. There will be workshops for educators (maybe some you don’t see on the schedule yet) and a hack day for students. These special edu focused activities happen on the days immediately before or after the schedule conference days, so make plans and reservations for more than just the two actual conference days.

John Allsopp, one of the Web Directions organizers, was also a major force in the creation of OWEA. John wants the September conference in Atlanta to include events that both inform educators about OWEA and benefit OWEA as well.

You can follow @webdirections on Twitter.

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