Useful links: social media, mobile YouTube, Big Web Show

No, You Can’t Automate Social Media from Techipedia is a thoughtful post about people who are trying to build a social media campaign based on automation.

While the Techipedia article needs no help making its point, there’s a similar piece at Web Worker Daily called 10 Ways to Really Connect Through Social Media that is good.

YouTube Mobile Goes HTML5. Noteworthy in my opinion not because Google’s YouTube effort rivals the iPhone app but because it rivals Adobe Flash software. Watching HTML5 infiltrate the market is so interesting.

The Big Web Show production hosted by Dan Benjamin and Jeffrey Zeldman, is available not just on the web but on iTunes. Dan Benjamin has several other web related shows available from iTunes. If you haven’t looked at what Dan and Jeffrey up to, you should check them out. It’s definitely an educator’s goldmine of a resource. A good starting point is Liz Danzico on Web Education.

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