Useful links: HTML5, Fast Company lists

Removing the Details and Summary Elements at Burningbird is an extremely well organized and rational response to an issue ongoing in the development of HTML5 right now.

Fast Company listed the most influential women in tech. It’s all good, but the most interesting list for web geeks is the evangelists list, which includes Shireen Mitchell, Shaherose Charania and Angie Chang, Allyson Kapin, Molly Holzschlag, Debbie Weil, Cindy Padnos, Addison Berry, Susan Scrupski, Pamela Jones, Laura Fitton and Gina Trapani. . . . Many of these women are pictured in the Women in Tech Flickr Group, where there are over 200 images and growing.

5 awesome HTML5 demos from Designer Daily is a good list. I’d add this excellent demo by Brian Arnold from a recent Webuquerque event.

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