Useful Links: Microformats, HTML5 Mess, gender issues, accessibility conference, CSS spirites, Twitter in class

Microformats Workshop is the slides by Emily Lewis from the Workshop Summits event. Outstanding presentation, excellent slides.

SitePoint Podcast #44: HTML5 is a (Beautiful) Mess is a discussion about HTML5 and related issues among Sitepoint’s Kevin Yank, Opera Software’s Bruce Lawson, author Ian Lloyd, and Kyle Weems  of the CSSquirrel web comic.

whose voice do you hear? gender issues and success from apophenia is a response to Clay Shirky’s Rant About Women. Read the rant and all the comments before you read what apophenia said.

California Web Accessibility Conference in February is a Knowbility event. That means it will provide you with the best possible accessibility training available anywhere.

CSS Sprites is an online app that will take your images and generate a sprite and the code to make it work. Nice time saver.

Using Twitter to Facilitate Classroom Discussion is about a history class. How could it be used in a web dev or web design class?

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