Interview worth reading

Up Late with CSS3, and Loving It! is an interview by Miraz Jordan with Andy Clarke, John Allsopp and Dan Cederholm. There are many insights in the article, but here’s my fav from John Allsopp.

Jordan: Do you see a broad acceptance of web standards among professionals who create websites, or is it still an uphill battle? What causes people to stumble?

Allsopp: I think the key challenge we face as a profession is that we are still essentially self taught. Web design and development are rarely offered in computer science and design programs, and often covered badly when they are. So, unless developers new to the industry stumble upon the right books, sites, and communities, it’s likely they’ll start off on the wrong foot. Then they need to unlearn many techniques and skills.

In case you don’t know, John Allsopp is the creative mind that brought together the group of educators and industry leaders who have formed InterAct and are working to create an open web education alliance within the W3C.

One of the things Dan Cederholm mentions in the interview is RGBa. If you’d like to know more about RGBa, read Cederholm’s latest book or read Working With RGBA Colour by Drew McLellan at 24 Ways.

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