Presentation: Ten Checkpoints of a Web Standards Based Curriculum

I presented this at HighEdWebDev 2007 today. It was presented as a powerpoint presentation. My narrative explained that this presentation was mainly about what sort of student learning outcomes I would expect to see in an institution where web standards were part of the curriculum. I did touch on a couple of important overall considerations as well.

I have captured only the slides and converted them into a movie. There is no sound. Please return to this post if you have comments or questions.

View the movie.

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3 thoughts on “Presentation: Ten Checkpoints of a Web Standards Based Curriculum”

  1. Any chance of posting an alternative to the video: PPT files, a transcript, or just a list of the 10 checkpoints?

  2. Thanks for posting this! Students come in this Thursday and this speaks to one of the issues that has been on my mind.

    Much appreciated.

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