The Apple rep speaks

I heard the keynote address at HighEdWebDev2007 this morning. It was a talk by a guy from Apple. He gave an excellent talk about web trends and personal outcomes and how the two intersect to create web spaces that serve people well and provide enhancement for their lives.

At the end of his talk, he mentioned a few new things from Apple that should be worth watching for when the next Mac OS X (Leopard) version comes out. Built into the new OS will be a podcast creator and a wiki that sounds very easy to implement for instant group use. He also mentioned that the next version of Safari will be able to take segments of (well-structured) web pages and put them into a desktop widget, completely independent of the page they were once in.

This go me thinking (yet again) about my use of hReview. If an entire div containing all of an hReview is lifted from a page and reused in some other place, or some other device, then it makes sense that a couple of things I dismissed as unneeded on this blog become important once again. That would include the reviewer vcard and the date.

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