Useful links: Hixie, ARIA, WCAG

Bruce Lawson published a far-reaching interview with Ian Hickson, AKA Hixie, the editor of HTML5 at HTML5 Doctor. Maybe it’s because I just reviewed a book about Mark Zuckerberg, but this interview with Ian Hickson makes me think Hixie’s process and vision in managing the implementation of HTML5 amid a barrage of criticisms and complaints might be an interesting book. How about it, Bruce?

Changes to the recommendation for ARIA roles in <section> and <form> elements are listed in Using ARIA in HTML at the W3C. With some exceptions, ARIA roles are not recommended with these elements.

The Future of WCAG: Maximising its Strengths Not its Weaknesses is a long and thoughtful look at the WCAG accessibility guidelines. The author examines the guidelines strengths and weaknesses and takes a look at what needs to be done to move forward with this (or some similar) recommendation in the future.