HTML11 labs

In case you hid under a rock all weekend and didn’t see this, you must go look right now.

Introducing HTML11. The future. Today. Be sure to go through the menu of new tags.

I hope you had as much fun learning about the new tags as I did.

The creators of this site are not saying who they are, but I want the thank them for being so creative. Several minutes of sustained giggling = priceless.

Useful Links: Campus Security, accessibility, just for laughs

Does Your Campus Security Have a Place in Social Media? is from eduGuru. Based on yesterday’s incident at UT, we have come a long way since the shooting at Virginia Tech in terms of response and communication with students and faculty. See Thoughts on HighEdWebDev for info on the Virginia Tech story.

The web is a waste of time! Scenariogirl reports that 34% percent of a blind person’s time on the web is wasted by accessibility issues. Imagine your reaction if 1/3 of your time was spend trying in vain to make the web work.

GINK. A funny spoof of social networking on YouTube. Language warning – not safe for students.

A funny geek tweet

First Jeffrey couldn’t get into his room at the conference hotel.

I didn’t think much about it. Normal travel woes.

They apologized & swore my room would be ready in 2 hours. I came back 2.5 hrs later. Now they promise it will be ready in an hour.Tue Sep 14 18:38:24 via Twitterrific

But . . . Matt took notice and figured out the problem.

@zeldman You must have booked the HTML5 suite. They say it’s ready now, but it won’t be completed until 2022.Tue Sep 14 19:48:06 via TweetDeck

Bwaahahaha, Matt. Good one.