Recommended Books

These books are valuable teaching and learning resources. I personally read and evaluated every book on this list. I only recommend books here that I find outstanding. I provided links to or other sources if you are interested in owning the books. The links to Amazon are affiliate links, links to other sites are … Continue reading “Recommended Books”

More help for beginners

Ian Lloyd over at Latest Accessibility News on Accessify | One of the (Many) Reasons I Have Been Quiet, part 3 announced that he is writing a book for sitepoint that will be aimed at beginners. This expands the field of writing specifically for beginners by about 33% according to my informal count. What is … Continue reading “More help for beginners”

Using Clearfix to Clear Floats in a Layout

First, let’s review some of the older methods of clearing floats in a layout. In a CSS layout with two or more columns, there is generally some use of float to create the column structure. For the layout to include a footer at the bottom of the page, those floats need to be cleared. A … Continue reading “Using Clearfix to Clear Floats in a Layout”

Tips on Using the Dreamweaver CC Layout Grid

I’ve learned a few things about how the Dreamweaver CC layout grid system works after making about 30 different layouts with it and struggling to figure out its bugs. One helpful thing is to take a look at the stylesheet that Dreamweaver generates after you’ve told it how many columns you want in the various … Continue reading “Tips on Using the Dreamweaver CC Layout Grid”

7 Ways to Use Instagram Direct To Market Your Business

Is your marketing campaign growing rather stale? A little “ho hum?” If your social media marketing mix is becoming a little too predictable, you may need to shake things up a bit. The perfect way to add a excitement and catch your audience off-guard may be to adopt a hip new social media tool. This … Continue reading “7 Ways to Use Instagram Direct To Market Your Business”