More help for beginners

Ian Lloyd over at Latest Accessibility News on Accessify | One of the (Many) Reasons I Have Been Quiet, part 3 announced that he is writing a book for sitepoint that will be aimed at beginners. This expands the field of writing specifically for beginners by about 33% according to my informal count.

What is that count? There’s my own book, Integrated HTML and CSS: A Smarter, Faster Way to Learn, there’s the Head First book I reviewed here called Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML, and now Ian’s coming soon volume, Build Your First Website The Right Way Using HTML & CSS.

I know a lot of writers are very competitive about the success of their books vs. the success of other books on the same topic, but I am not afflicted with that competitive gene. I tend to look at it as a step in the right direction that more books are being released into the great cosmos that advocate the principles that I believe are the right ones for education and learning in this field. If it happens often enough, changes are bound to occur in the places where curriculum is determined, and that definitely needs to happen.

I probably lied before. I am as competitive as the next person. It would be wonderful to be rich and famous because of something I wrote. But that isn’t what it’s about for me. It isn’t about money or fame. It’s about changing an educational system that doesn’t serve students in the way it should. It’s about improving the quality of what is offered to web design students. Every new book that moves things in the right direction is a welcome addition to my world.

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