Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content: Video from Karen McGrane

This is Karen McGrane’s talk at the BDConf in April 2012, but I just discovered it. It’s extremely important information about the future of the web and content publishing. It’s a year old, it’s an hour long, and it’s completely worth your time.

You can read a transcript at Karen McGrane’s site in Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content (video, slides, and transcript, oh my!)

Here’s how Karen McGrane introduced herself during the talk, in case you aren’t aware of how valuable her insights can be.

So I do a lot of work with publishers, mainstream publishers. I led the redesign of the New York Times a few years back. I’ve dragged more magazines kicking and screaming onto the Internet that I can count. I’ve done lots of work with Condé Nast. I did the redesigns of the Atlantic and Time Out and National Journal and Fast Company. I’m doing a little bit of work right now with Time-Life. And I really like talking about the challenges that publishers face in relation to broader content strategy challenges that lots of other organizations are going to face. Because I think publishers, they’re like the canary in the coal mine: they face some of these content challenges more acutely, they have to adapt to changes in their environment more quickly.

Karen McGrane – Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content, BDConf, April 2012 from Breaking Development on Vimeo.

I admit that part of the reason I’m so enchanted with this speech is because it says so well what I’ve been trying to say for some time in Web Teacher’s Seldom Asked Questions and Keep it Clean: Your Blog and Clean HTML.

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