My most popular outbound links

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I post a lot of outbound links here. Frequent usefulĀ  links posts and frequent mention of resources for teachers mean a lot of outbound traffic. I thought it would be fun to see where you are going based on all the links I promote and suggest here. This also tells me something about what you are interested in learning.

By a large margin, most people go from here to the W3C page that describes ARIA roles. Links to various parts of this page such as the ARIA banner section or the ARIA complementary section are counted individually, with the total number of clicks adding up to almost 6000. There are a few other pages at the W3C that get traffic from me, but ARIA roles are predominant. I feel oddly proud that I’ve sent 6000 clicks about ARIA roles in the direction of the W3C.

The next most visited links going out from here go to Since I’m not making more than about $10 a quarter from Amazon affiliate links, I think most of you are looking at books but not buying once you get there. That’s fine with me because making money off affiliate book sales isn’t what I’m all about. I simply want to help you find the best books for teaching or learning.

After these two pack leaders are accounted for, the next most popular links leading away from here go to my home page at, to old posts I wrote for eHow several years ago, to Carsonified, to WordPress, and to BlogHer.

Beyond that are a wide range of destinations with fewer numbers: Flickr, Twitter, and a whole lot of individual blogs and sites.

If any of my links to resources outside this blog have taught you or informed you in any way, then I’m happy to have been helpful.

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