Useful links: being human, Marissa Mayer, women’s history, Jared Smith on ARIA, captioning

Hello, I’m a human being is from Elliot Jay Stocks. May I repeat: we need an internet etiquette training movement.

While we are on the topic of how to use language to disagree and/or present your own point of view in a respectful yet effective manner, read this post by Lauren Bacon: On Marissa Mayer’s Disavowal of Feminism. It’s a great example of how to make a point without being a jerk about it.

Did you know this year’s Women’s History Month theme honors women in STEM? Yay, women in STEM.

Here’s a great post about how to use WebVTT and captioning on the web with the HTML5 video element.

Jared Smith made his slides from his ARIA Gone Wild talk available on Slideshare. Good stuff.



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