Useful links: Acronyms, Game, Accessibility benefits, Screen readers

Derek Featherstone discusses the best way to markup the first instance of an acronym in this Web Standards Sherpa Q&A.

I may finally have to play a game on Facebook. Look at this Half the Sky game which lets you do real good. The NYTimes explains,

The players can then make equivalent real-world donations to seven nonprofit organizations woven into the game.

Ten dollars, for example, will help buy a goat for Heifer International; $20 will help support United Nations Foundation immunization efforts.

One of my students asked me the other day about why she should bother to make an accessible web site if blind people weren’t her audience. I answered her question adequately, but I wish I’d had this nice list of reasons at the time. How does accessible web design benefit all web users?

Latest test results on screen reader support for HTML5 sectioning elements can be found at tink. Almost there in JAWS, but spotty in others.

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