Useful Links: HTML5 magnets, HTML5 headings, ed tech, women in tech, Ginger, Stripe

Cameron Moll made a set of whiteboard magnets of HTML5 tags for his own family. He’s released the Illustrator file for you to do the same. Great idea for people teaching HTML5. HTML5 Whiteboard Magnets.

JAWS, IE and Headings in HTML5. Must reading for accessibility information about how JAWS interprets heading structure, particularly in IE.

Applying the 7 Golden Rules: One Teachers Take on Technology. At Mind/Shift.

If you’re a Google+ user, you might be interested in the public circle of the women who made Google + that Marshall Kirkpatrick created on Ada Lovelace Day.

If you have any interest in HTML5 video, you should be reading Ginger’s Thoughts.

If you are selling something on your web site, you might take a look at Stripe, which promises ease of use in collecting payments.

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