Useful links: Accessibility and SEO, creative writing/programming, Edge

Jared Smith wrote an excellent WebAIM article talking about how Accessiblity and SEO are moving closer and closer together in their goals and techniques. He talks about a variety of things, including HTML5 and SEO. Look at Jared’s list of similarities (links are to WebAIM articles):

The list of accessibility and SEO practices that are closely in alignment include:

Of course content is king, in both accessibility and SEO.

Teaching Creative Writing with Programming at ReadWriteWeb is one of the most creative teaching ideas I’ve seen in years.

Adobe Launches HTML5 Web Animations Tool is the announcement at Mashable. The tool is called Edge and is free right now because Adobe wants testers and feedback. The tool uses only HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Stephanie Sullivan Rewis tweeted another article about Edge.


Adobe’s Edge summarized on MacWorld: #html5 #css3Wed Aug 03 01:41:56 via TweetDeck


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