I’m talking about categories and focus, people

I was cleaning up categories today, deleting a few that didn’t have many posts associated with them. I figure if I’ve only used a category a few times, I don’t really need it and would be better off with an appropriate tag every now and then.

I noticed that web-education is the category I’ve used most, with 315 posts associated with that category.

This post will be post number 1700 on this blog. That means that over 18% of my posts are on the topic web-education. Add in the 111 posts that are in the category webdesignbookreview – about 7%. Then there’s another 7% that are categorized webteachertips. Adding in the usefullinks posts bumps it up another 18%. Which means that at least 50% of the time I’m fulfilling the promise in my tagline: Tips, web design book reviews, resources and observations for teaching and learning web development.

That’s a lot of staying focused on one subject for a lot of years.

That focus doesn’t bring in huge traffic numbers, but it did result in book deals, several paying gigs on the Internet and other jobs, plus speaking opportunities. Never underestimate the power of an individual voice from an individual blog, even a small niche blog.

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