Useful Links: unsticky, internet TV, #askaconductor, local storage, search operator

25 reasons why I’ll leave your site in 10 seconds. Great read for the newbie students who are trying too much too soon.

Warning to local TV: unbundled distribution is upon you is at Terry Heaton’s PoMo Blog. This seems like a huge trend to me. In fact, I’ll be posting my own article about trends in a day or two.

Examples of Abundance in the Arts: Ask a Conductor on Twitter at Beth’s Blog is another inspiring post about how you can use social media for good. What do you think about the idea of Ask a Web Designer? That seems a great idea, too.

Wrapping Things Nicely with HTML5 Local Storage is one of the December posts at 24 Ways. (If have missed the other posts this month, check them out, too) A great intro and explanation for local storage from Christian Heilmann.

An Undocumented Google Search Operator is a very helpful tip.

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