Useful Links: CSS3 Gradients, Accessibility, Tantik talks, free images, HTML5 elements

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator is one of the ColorZilla tools. It’s online as an app. It creates a pure CSS gradient using a Photoshop-like interface and provides cross browser code. The other ColorZilla tools are downloadable and include a color picker, an eyedropper, Firebug and more.

Disabilities Act may be expanded to Net and Beyond at SFGate only talks about the cost of extending accessibility to places like the Net and movie theaters and not the good such a move would accomplish. The fact is that every change made in the name of accessibility benefits everyone, not just the community of disabled Americans. Accessible is better for everyone, more options are better for everyone, clarity is better for everyone.

HTML5 Right here, Right now is an hour long talk by Tantek Çelik at a Yahoo! conference.

Find free images online! is a good resource list of many sites that provide free images. Seems like students always need images to create web sites for class projects, here’s a great list of places to send them to look.

Periodic table of HTML5 elements is handy. Lists every element in the spec, defines it, and lets you search for an example use in the wild. Nice. Note: This is a new version of the Periodic Table of HTML5, posted in 2014 by Robert Mening.

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