Useful links: Should you?, HTML5 syntax, Cooks Source, Before and After, 30 selectors

Should Web Designers Know HTML and CSS? at Six Revisions is by Michael Tuck. It’s a fascinating discussion and he does a fair job of presenting both sides of the issue. My 2 cents: there are layers to peel back as to what exactly you mean by “web designer” but no one can be a top expert at it who doesn’t know the foundation information.

Since HTML5 takes a free-choice approach to syntax – allowing camel case, all caps, lower case, quoted attributes, unquoted attributes, and other less-than-rigorous approaches to code – 456 Berea Street offers up some suggestions for best practice in HTML5 syntax guidelines.

Kathy Gill from Wired Pen has put together a terrific timeline of the Cooks Source Magazine plagiarism scandal that rocked Facebook, Twitter, and Slashdot last week. Read and learn. Don’t skip the conclusions at the end. Eric Meyer wrote Memetic Epidemology about watching it unfold. (Eric praised a story by Edward Champion about profiting from plagiarism.)

Accessible University is a before and after accessibility discussion about a fictional university home page. Enlightening.

30 CSS Selectors you must memorize goes through some lesser known CSS syntax, tells you how to use it, where it works and shows code examples. A handout waiting to happen in your CSS classroom.

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