Useful links: HTML5 shiv, HTML5 accessibility, $20 million for ed tech, CSS hacks?

HTML5 enabling script, more commonly called the HTML5 shiv, will get IE versions less than 9 to recognize new HTML5 elements such as article. From Remy Sharp.

Steve Faulkner has built some tables showing HTML5 Accessibility support in various browsers. Even more important than the supported features table is the workarounds page, which shows how to make some of the HTML5 elements accessible with simple steps like the addition of ARIA role attributes to elements or the addition of accessible widgets to a page.

Bill Gates Announces $20 million program to expand educational technology at ReadWriteWeb is a must read.

This multi-year project aims to help improve both college readiness and college completion in the U.S. through the use of technology. Administered through the nonprofit EDUCAUSE, the program will provide grants to organization that will help develop technology tools to more teachers, students, and schools.

Get the specific details on applying for the funds at EDUCAUSE and about the RFP process from Next Gen Learning.

Conditional stylesheets vs CSS hacks? Answer: Neither! from Paul Irish is a fresh approach to a problem that has hampered web developers for a long time.

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