Useful links: PLE vs LMS, moving TypePad, camera phones, Google is 12

Here’s an Xtranormal video by patob2000 that is a chat between Personal Learning Environment ( PLE ) and Learning Management System ( LMS ). Which character are you?

Helpful Blogging Links: How Can I Move My TypePad Blog to WordPress has resources for those who are wondering what to do now that TypePad has sold.

How to Capture Good Photos with your Camera Phone. In recent years I see more and more people at events with only the camera in a phone to record it. Here’s help for doing it well.

Google's birthday cake logo for 12th anniversay

Google is celebrating its 12th birthday today. It started in 1997. I was watching a season 3 Buffy the Vampire Slayer from 1998 the other day, wondering how the story would change if Giles could Google all that arcane stuff he’s always looking up. By the time I get through season 7 (gotta love Netflix), it will be 2002 in Buffy’s world. Can I expect to see Google in Giles future? Can you remember how different your life was from 1998 to 2002? And from 2002 to now? Phenomenal changes.

See also: Make Movies with Xtranormal.

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