Women in Web Education Daily

Women in Web Education Daily

I created a daily newspaper at paper.li using the new Twitter list of Women in Web Education.  The paper.li site is the Women in Web Education Daily. The news is published once daily there, gleaned from the list of women I’m following on my Twitter list.

Use it to keep an eye on what these web educators are discussing and linking to. You can sign up for an email alert to remind you to take a look each day.

As of this date, there are about 20 women on the list at Twitter. Obviously, there are more than 20 women involved in web education. If you are a woman in web education or know of a woman in web education, let me know (@vdebolt). I’ll follow her and add her to the list on Twitter. That will automatically make her part of the Women in Web Education Daily.

Web Education Rocks!

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