Useful links: interactive film, web educators, women in tech

The Wilderness Downtown is a fascinating interactive film built in HTML5 for Chrome by some Google folks. It only works in Chrome, but it’s worth downloading and installing Chrome if you don’t already have it, just to see what is possible with the technology. There are other Chrome experiments, also.

Dive into the Modern Web – a workshop for educators at Web Directions USA looks like a great event for web educators.

Want one more woman at tech conferences? Gotta love Dori’s sense of humor in making a serious point about one particularly qualified female geek.

4 thoughts on “Useful links: interactive film, web educators, women in tech”

  1. Just a quick FYI, The Wilderness downtown worked really well in Firefox 4 as well. You do need a powerful computer, though.

    On Mac and Windows GPU acceleration is not turned on by default yet in Firefox (soon to come on Windows) so your mileage may vary.

    1. Interesting about Firefox. When I first clicked through in Firefox I got a message saying it wouldn’t work in my browser. Went back in Chrome to see it.

    1. 3.6.8 on a Mac. Since the demo is part of a whole series of Chrome experiments, I don’t think it’s too horrible of them if it doesn’t work cross browser. I found it an interesting glimpse into the future.

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